Dealing with Under-active Thyroid

This is a chronicle of the effects that under-active Thyroid had on me, the symptoms, the diagnosis and the treatment. In my case, it was not diagnosed for quite a long time, then I was not given the correct dosage of Thyroxine (the medication needed to replace that which should be produced by the Thyroid gland) which resulted in me suffering the symptoms unnecessarily for over TWO YEARS!


My symptoms began in early 2014, I was living in a house that I was refurbishing and I had a rapid and unexplained loss of energy, appetite and positive spirit. At the time, I never even noticed, when you deteriorate due to under-active Thyroid, you don’t even realise what is happening. I began to withdraw, I had no energy to do anything and over the next few months I did absolutely nothing at all.  Continue reading “Dealing with Under-active Thyroid”


My battle with an under-active Thyroid

In early 2013, I had moved in to a property that I had bought as a renovation project. Initially, I was getting on with working on it quite well, but then I gradually began to feel tires, lethargic and totally lost interest in everything.

I was slowly putting on weight, although I didn’t notice at first, I was just instinctively making excuses about everything that I was not doing. Over the course of the next few months, the problem got worse and the weight piled on. Continue reading “My battle with an under-active Thyroid”