The people of Vasileia & Vavilas meet again after 56 years.

A few miles to the west of Kyrenia, there is a village called Vasillia, and nearby¬†another by the name of Vavillas. During the 50s & 60s, many people not only fled their village, but also Cyprus due to poverty. Then, after the invasion by Turkey in 1974, these villages along with many others were ethnically cleansed, forcing the residents to scatter all over Cyprus and beyond. Continue reading “The people of Vasileia & Vavilas meet again after 56 years.”


A trip to the beach

One the greatest pleasures I have when I visit Cyprus, is precious time with my daughter. ¬†As she is now grown up, she is always busy doing something, so I try to make the most of any opportunity I have to do things with her. She is a great character and really does enjoy finding something about her dad to laugh about, which is quite funny really. Continue reading “A trip to the beach”