I just watched a feature about loneliness in old people and I had a thought that I want to write about. I was thinking that with the amount of old people who are trapped indoors, with nobody to see or speak to for days on end, there must be a way to change that, not only to benefit them, but to benefit others too.

I then had a thought about something along the lines of a webcam system installed in every old persons house, they could register and then families around the country or even around the world could offer to virtually adopt them. They could make contact with the families living their lives, say in their kitchens in the evenings, they could get to know each other, the kids could walk in from school and greet ‘Grandma Ethel’ or whatever.

The interaction would be so beneficial to all, it is a fact that children learn better with interaction, children love to display their knowledge and are also inspired to learn when they have someone to show off what they have learned. There are of course issues of security and old people being groomed for fleecing, but I’m sure that adequate security steps could be implemented.

I have registered the domain ourvirtualfamily.com and when I have written my article I was thinking to approach a major Audio/Visual manufacturer like Samsung to sponsor it. They would get so much positive publicity from this that it would surely be tempting for them.

  • Any thoughts?
  • Any suggestions?
  • Any pointers for research?

Please contact me

BTW…..I am thinking of a NON-PROFIT set up, this is not intended to be a business.


Your thoughts?

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