Cypriot Villages – Vavatsinia


The first inhabitants were shepherds coming from the nearby villages Panayia, Ayios Nicolaos and Ayia Marina. The residents of these villages had to leave the shore to escape from the Arabs and to find rescue on the mountains, together with their animals.

The village has taken its name from one black currant tree, which still exists by the river and its producing big black currants. The specific tree’s root was a natural water source and was a meeting place of travellers coming from the nearby villages of Ayioi Vavatsinias, Odou, Ora towards the village Lefkara.

Members of the village who have participated in the struggles of the Greek nation in the last two centuries :

– Kyriakos Christou. According to the book by Loizos Philippou, ‘cypriot Fighters’ published by the Archdiocese of Cyprus, Kyriakos Christou from Vavatsinia took part in the Greek struggle for independence of 1821.

– Nicos Patsalos. Nicos took part in the struggle for independence of 1955-1959. He was a very popular member of the village.

– Alexandros Papachristophorou. During the Turkish invasion Alexandros fought at Mia Milia and is one of the many missing persons. Both his parents were from Vavatsinia.

In the village, one can find two churches and three chapels. The churches are dedicated to Ayios Georgios and Panayia Eleousa whilst the chapels to the memory of Panayia Koumniou and Sotiros. Furthermore, the village has a community park and square that are located in the river, it also has a wonderful nature trail, “the Almond trail”. There is also a zivania distillery in the village of Vavatsinia, a beautiful primary school, a camping site, a traditional creamery and some cozy restaurants for you to enjoy some local goodies.

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